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5/19/2018 by Gary Graff

Christopher Polk/TAS18/Getty Images
Taylor Swift performs onstage during the Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour at the Rose Bowl on May 19, 2018 in Pasadena, Calif.

"I thought it had all the build of a one-story motel, but, I mean, the girl didn't kill anybody," co-writer Allee Willis said. "She didn't run over your foot."

The co-writer of Earth, Wind Fire 's iconic "September" poked fun at the furor surrounding Taylor Swift 's version of the song released last month -- but is clearly no fan of the cover herself.

Swift released her gentle, banjo-laced rendition of "September" on April 12, prompting a brutal storm of caustic reaction from fans of the 1978 smash. That seemed a bit much for Allee Willis, who wrote the song with EWF's late Maurice White and Al McKay.

"On the same day things happened in Syria, the FBI broke into Michael Cohen's office... the worst thing that happened as far as the Internet was concerned on this 449th day of all of our brains feeling like they've been hurled back and forth like squash balls, the top-trending topic on Twitter was the Taylor Swift cut of 'September,'" Willis said Friday night (May 18) during an entertaining and often humorous songs-and-stories performance at the City Theatre in her home town of Detroit. "I didn't really think she did a horrible job. Yes, I felt it was as lethargic as a drunk turtle dozing under a sunflower after ingesting a bottle of Valium, and I thought it had all the build of a one-story motel, but, I mean, the girl didn't kill anybody. She didn't run over your foot. She just cut a very calm and somewhat boring take of one of the peppiest, happiest, most popular songs in history."

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Taylor Swift's Earth Wind Fire Cover Has Fans in a Frenzy Over What Happened on September 28

Willis said that she learned Swift was covering "September" "a few hours before it came out" and, at her publicist's behest, issued a complimentary statement about the version. "I was thrilled Taylor Swift cut 'September,'" Willis, who will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame next month, said on Friday. "I'm imagining she's going to give it a kind of jagged, 'Shake It Off' kind of feel and it's gonna be great. So I got to sleep happy and excited, but by the time I wake up -- on Friday the 13th, I might add -- the Internet was already a 28-alarm fire."

Like many, Willis -- who subsequently rescinded her statement -- took umbrage that Swift changed the song's opening line from the "21st night of September" to the 28th. But she did say that"everyone has a right to do with a song what they please, so go on with your own bad self, Taylor Swift. I'm honored you'd choose to do my song and that it meant enough to you that you wanted to personalize it to the goddamn 28th night of September, that you wanted to cover it with banjo... and that you changed the sacred ba-de-ya to the more Caucasian ah-ah-ah and makeit sound more like a field of daffodils than a Soul Train line."

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3. Organize Your Work

You are responsible for:

When choosing someone to complete the work, consider someone you feel will give you the best overall value. In addition to a fair price, it is important to consider the individual’s experience, technical expertise, customer service and reputation:

For help with your application:Call 604-433-2218 or toll-free 1-800-257-7756

4. Wait for Approval

We will contact you within four weeks of receiving your application. If your application is successful, BC Housing will confirm the approved adaptations, the maximum value of your grant or loan, and the terms and conditions of your participation in the program. At this point we will also give approval for you to begin work.

You will have 90 days to complete the work from the date of approval. If you do not complete the work by that time and we do not hear from you, your assistance may be cancelled. Funds are limited and we have an obligation to reimburse work completed within the expected time frames.

Common reasons for not approving or cancelling an application include:

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If the work is not complete but the contractor has requested partial payment, you will need to submit your request for payment and an invoice for the work completed so far. During the course of the work, we will make up to three payments if requested, including the final payment. Any costs beyond the amount approved in writing must be paid in full before BC Housing will advance any assistance.

Declaration of Work Completed form

We generally process payment within two weeks of having received proper and complete invoices and Declaration of Work Completed forms.

Loan terms and conditions

Don’t forget that the Home Adaptations for Independence grant is actually a forgivable loan. To avoid repaying the loan, obey the grant’s terms and conditions:

You may be eligible for other types of assistance. Try our LTB Womens Judie Short LTB Jeans 9iSi5b
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1. Am I Eligible?

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The following housing is ineligible for HAFI:

Next Step: Complete the application

You may still be eligible if you are receiving assistance through BC Housing’s Rental Assistance Program or Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters program.

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Ariza filled the 3-and-D role perfectly for the Rockets. He was a slasher in his younger days, but Ariza transformed himself into a good spot-up 3-point shooter. Ariza made 170 3-pointers last year, which was the 23rd most in the NBA and just three less than Kevin Durant .

Speaking of KD, Ariza always played great defense on the opposing team’s small forward. Ariza could matchup with bigger players like Durant or LeBron James and he could also guard quick point guards like FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Clarks z9QMG8Ym
. His versatility is one reason the Rockets were so effective at switching everything on defense, which threw off the flow of their opponents’ offense.

Trevor Ariza was also a well-respected veteran on the team and he was the only player on last year’s Rockets roster that had a championship. He was the type of player that led with his actions on and off the floor.

Remember the post-game incident in the tunnel when the Rockets played the Clippers in Staples Center back in January? Trevor Ariza was one of the main players involved in that incident. During the game, Mens Lunarsolo Training Shoes Nike KKfIOs
appeared to intentionally bump into Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni . Austin Rivers also talked a lot of trash to Rockets’ players during the game.

Afterwards, Ariza, along with other Rockets players, headed to the Clippers’ locker room to send a message that they didn’t appreciate what transpired between the lines. Ariza and Gerald Green were eventually suspended for two games, but it definitely earned Ariza more respect in the locker room.

James Harden Houston Rockets Nike Name Number Performance T-Shirt – Red

Arizawas willing to fight and risk being suspended without pay because an opponent disrespected the team. That showed everyone in Houston’s locker room that he was all in for the Rockets. That was Ariza, he was a leader in the locker room that was willing to sacrifice shots, or even pay, for the team.

Losing Trevor Ariza hurts the Rockets, unless they can find a solid replacement. Houston could have used Ariza’s Bird Rights to re-sign him. This would have allowed the Rockets toexceed their salary cap to pay Ariza.

Now that he’s gone, Houston is restricted to offering a taxpayer’s mid-level exception or minimum contract in order to replace Ariza. This limits the amount of talent that the Rockets can sign, because most good players don’t want to play for a discount. Although, there are a few solid veterans that could be willing to take a pay cut for a chance to win a championship.

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